Top Ten Plaques at UW-Madison

By Rob Heimbruch

It goes without saying that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a historic place.

From UW-Madison’s history as a proponent of academic freedom at public universities, to the turbulent series of protests during Vietnam war to the plethora of discoveries both scientific and otherwise, UW’s history forms a vibrant tapestry that makes the university so special.

One of the best ways to take stock of these historical events is simply to take a stroll around campus. Around seemingly every corner seems to be a plaque commemorating something. Continue reading “Top Ten Plaques at UW-Madison”

As the City of Madison changes, so does crime

By Jessi Schoville

MADISON, Wis. – Madison continually shows up on national “best places to live” lists, but while the chances of your car getting stolen are declining, the chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime may be rising.

Nationally, crime has been a declining trend since the 1990s when crime peaked across most of the nation. Statistically, this holds true for much of Wisconsin as a whole, including the city of Madison. Continue reading “As the City of Madison changes, so does crime”

Living and earning: students choose on-campus housing for the experience

By Jenna Mytton

For over 150 yearsthe University of Wisconsin–Madison has operated as the flagship university of this institution. Almost immediately after the founding, students have been calling university “home.”

In a city like Madison, there is much to choose from in terms of housing–flats on Breese Terrace, apartments on University Avenue and townhouses in the Park-Regent neighborhood. While property is consistently changing, one option remains longlasting: on-campus University Housing. Continue reading “Living and earning: students choose on-campus housing for the experience”

We built this campus

by Addison Mumm

As students go through their day, odds are they aren’t thinking about the students who walked the same halls 50, 70 or even 100 years ago. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a history dating back to 1848, when Wisconsin went from being a territory to a state. Some of the buildings from those early days still stand today. If the walls could speak, they would have many stories to tell.
Continue reading “We built this campus”

12,000 Years and Counting: Honoring what occupied the Madison area

By Jenna Mytton

As students walk around campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it’s hard to miss the beautiful architecture and scenery. The institution often speaks about its rich history as a flagship university or a land grant institution. Too often though, the history of the area that campus occupies is forgotten.

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